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Our 7 Step Process 

Prime Time's 7 step repair process ensures your vehicle is inspected and repaired by certified and highly trained employees whose priority is getting you back on the road with safety and satisfaction

Step 1:
Vehicle Check-in

When you arrive at Prime Time,  one of our experienced estimators will inspect your vehicle's damage and give you a free preliminary estimate.

Step 4:
Paint and Polish

Once body work is complete, your vehicle begins the paint and polish process. Our expert painters utilize computer technology to find the exact color match based on manufacturer codes before applying fresh paint. Your vehicle is then polished, inspected, and prepared for reassembly.  

Step 2:

If you choose to go through insurance,  we will work directly with any insurance company.  We also offer 90 day no interest financing,

Step 5:

Your vehicle returns to the body department where it is reassembled. Once assembled, it enters a final quality control check to ensure all authorized repair work is completed and reflects our standard of excellence.

Step 3:

After your vehicle is evaluated, we remove all parts requiring separate repair or replacement, and perform body and structural repair work. Meanwhile, all repair work undergoes a rigorous quality control inspection.

Step 6:
Clean Vehicle 

This final step ensures your vehicle will look pristine upon pick up and allows us to check cosmetic repairs one last time.

Step 7:
Quality Control

The safety and complete satisfaction of our customers is Prime Time's top priority. We’ve developed and implemented one of the most rigorous quality assurance programs in the industry.  We’ll hand backy your keys hassle-free once your vehicle is returned to its pre-accident condition. 

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